2-Door Cleanroom Interlock System - KAWAOKA A2

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KAWAOKA Series A2 2-door cleanroom interlock system is an intelligent air lock developed for the purification field with new GMP certification requirements.

It can strictly control the air convection in the buffer room, airlock room, and dressing room to improve the cleaning efficiency.

It can realize automatic interlock without manually pressing the button.

KAWAOKA 2-door cleanroom interlock system working principle

After closing all the doors and turning on the power, the system starts to work properly.

When a door is opened, the other doors are locked at the same time.

In the state of a power outage, the electric lock of each door will be automatically unlocked.

KAWAOKA interlock features

  • New touch technology
  • Digital display
  • Preset time delay
  • Voice prompts for use status
  • Emergency buttons 

KAWAOKA Series A2 interlock system technical parameters

  • Power supply voltage: ~220V±10%50HZ
  • Ambient temperature: -10℃~+40℃
  • Relative temperature: 35%~75%
  • Working voltage: DC12V
  • Built-in indicator light size: 25×132 (mm)
  • Built-in indicator light opening size: 25×132 (mm)
  • External indicator light size: 86×126 (mm)
  • External prompt opening size: 66×100 (mm)
  • Electric lock hole size: Φ31mm
  • Product sub-series: A2-2W: Double door interlock (external indicator light)  

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