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The 2-door interlocking system is used to control the entry of personnel to a secure area such as a cleanroom, where dust or small particles may cause severe damage. 

A door interlock helps protect the cleanliness and minimize the loss of pressure of the room. 

How does the 2 door interlock system work?

The working principle of door interlock system is quite simple. In brief, the 2-door interlock is composed of 2 doors that are electrically interlocked in such a way that both doors cannot be opened simultaneously. 

2-door interlocking system prevents contamination by:

  • Preventing simultaneous access of doors/rooms.
  • Ensuring that when one door is OPEN then the other door is closed.
  • Adjustable delay between each door openings to maintain the required pressure.
  • In an emergency, there is an emergency button available on a push-button panel for opening the door.

2-door interlock application

The door interlocks are used in a variety of industries but in essence, they are there to control the unwanted passage from one area to another. 

2 door interlocking unit can be applied in cleanrooms and manufacturing areas in pharma, electronics, automotive industries, etc.

2-door interlocking system specifications:

Voltage 220V
Indicator LED
LED input voltage 5V
Electromagnetic lock input voltage 12V
Sound indicator Buzzer sound
Time delay 5 seconds

SANGMA 2-door interlocking system provided by VCR

A set of Sangma 2-door interlocking system includes: 

  • 1 controller
  • 2 LED indicators
  • 2 electromagnetic locks
  • Cables + power cord

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2 door interlock system for cleanroom

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