2-Door Interlocking System – VCR

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The door interlocking system is used to control the entry of personnel to a secure area such as a clean room, where dust or small particles may be a problem. The principle is generally well under-stood. In its simplest form, the door interlocking is composed of 2 to 12 doors that are electrically interlocked in such a way that the all doors cannot be opened simultaneously. The door interlocks are used in a variety of situations but in essence they are there to control the unwanted passage from one area to another.

Door Inter Locking System achieves in prevention of process area contamination by:

- Preventing simultaneous access of doors/Rooms.

- Ensures that when one door for a room is OPEN then all other doors in that particular room are closed.

- Programmable delay between each door openings to maintain required pressure.

- In Emergency an override key is available on a push button module for opening the door.


Voltage: 220V

Indication: LED

LED input voltage: 5V

Input voltage Magnetic lock: 12V

Sound indication: Buzzer sound

Door release time: 5 seconds

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