4 Applications Of Differential Pressure Gauge

  • 16, 12, 2020

The differential pressure gauge is one of the types of pressure gauges. The differential pressure gauge is used to measure the difference in pressure between "high pressure" and "low pressure" zones.

The indication of the differential pressure gauge is DP or Delta P (∆p).

1. Differential pressure gauge for monitoring cleanroom pressure difference

The differential pressure gauge is usually mounted on top of the cleanroom door. It measures the specified pressure between the inside and outside of the cleanroom. It monitors the differences of pressure between different cleanroom areas to prevent cross-contamination. 


2. Differential pressure gauge for measuring liquid level in tank or vessel

3. Differential pressure gauge for monitoring pressure in pass box
 Pass box, also known as a cleanroom transfer hatch, is a box-type device used to deliver goods to the cleanroom. Differential pressure gauge ensures that particles do not enter the cleanroom while the pass box is open by monitoring the pressure inside higher than the outside.


4. Differential pressure gauge for measuring the filter pressure

Differential pressure gauges are also used to measure the difference in pressure between two areas before and after filtration, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Based on the measured pressure, we can determine the integrity of the filter as well as when it is necessary to replace the filter. 

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