About VCR

Vietnam Clean Room – VCR is a company specializing in providing clean room equipment and accessories for clean room construction. After more than 10 years supplying equipment to contractors who have had many clean room projects meeting GMP standards, VCR brings high-applied cleanroom products. With customers operating in the fields of medicine, electronics, food, clean room construction, we are a reliable partner with the best quality cleanroom equipment and accessories in the North and across the country.

For new customers who are not familiar with the cleanroom and / or are preparing to build factories according to GMP standards, please contact us for detailed advice, especially on suitable product which is the most important factor that determines whether the plant meet GMP standards or not.

Our products

Why choose VCR ?


High applicability, durable quality, beautiful design, in accordance with cleanroom standards.


Reasonable price with set budget. Good price policy by quantity.


Fast delivery time to keep up the project progress.

Satisfied Clients

Over 90% of our clients return to VCR


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