Advantages and disadvantages of VHP pass box

  • 13, 09, 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of VHP pass box

VHP pass box is one of the most indispensable in biotechnological and pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms. Every piece of equipment has both pros and cons, so does VHP pass box. This article will identify the advantages and disadvantages of VHP pass box. 

Why do we need to use VHP pass box? 

VHP sterilization was firstly used in Europe and America in 1991. In the 2000s, it was widely adopted in pharmacy. From then on, VHP has been the well-established sterilization method in biotechnological and pharmaceutical cleanrooms. 

The increasingly strict product production requirements lead to the increasing requirements related to sterilization. There are many product materials that must be sterilized. However, due to the limitations of traditional technology, many products cannot be sterilized at high temperatures.

Image: VHP pass box


The new version of GMP has improved sterilization requirements and highlights the advantages of low-temperature vaporization hydrogen peroxide sterilization. Therefore, VHP is very suitable for products that cannot be sterilized at high temperatures. 

VHP pass box is suitable for cleaning and drying surfaces of a variety of materials. Sterilization by VHP pass box will not produce residual H2O2 condensate on the surface of the item. VHP pass box is especially suitable for aseptic material transfer between classified areas.

Advantages of VHP pass box

  • Sterilization process is carried out at low temperatures. It can be done at ambient temperature (4-80°C). VHP is an effective method for heat-sensitive products. 
  • A combination of sealing system and interlock prevents air leak and contamination caused by opening doors at the same time. 
  • VHP pass box adopts smart control system with humanized touch screen operation interface. This makes operation smooth and easy.
  • VHP pass box is environmentally friendly. The last product is H20 and oxygen. 

Image: VHP sterilization chamber

  • GMP compliance certificate for process
  • VHP pass box does no harm to the operator, no pollution to the environment, no effect on other items (equipment, electrical appliances, clean room walls, etc.).
  • VHP pass box is cost-saving (short cycle time, efficient sterilization, very low hydrogen peroxide consumption)
  • Outstanding sterilization of VHP pass box can effectively and evenly kill 106 Bacillus stearothermophilus.

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Disadvantages of VHP pass box

1. Long sterilization cycle 

The sterilization cycle of VHP pass box is still too long. It usually takes 1.5 hours for a small working chamber and can take about 3 hours for a large working chamber. To reduce the sterilization cycle, some factories may remove the material first, when there is still 5-10ppm residue inside. This poses risks to the operator.

2. Working performance at high temperature 

VHP pass box converts 30% hydrogen peroxide to hydrogen peroxide vapor through high-temperature. During the sterilization process, the temperature of the device will increase from 5°C - 15°C, which is not suitable for the delivery of biological and other products that are particularly sensitive to temperature. If the pass box does not heat up, the high-temperature hydrogen peroxide vapor can easily adhere to its walls, causing condensation.

3. The danger of hydrogen peroxide

VHP Pass Box mainly uses the 30% ~ 35% hydrogen peroxide solution. 30% hydrogen peroxide is a dangerous, flammable, and explosive chemical. In addition, the pure hydrogen peroxide used in the study has more impurities, which is more harmful to the life of the hydrogen peroxide flash disk.

Above are the advantages and disadvantages of VHP pass box, hope it will help you in the process of choosing equipment for your facility. If you are interested in VHP Pass Box from VCR, do not hesitate to contact us.

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