Advantages of cleanroom window

  • 31, 01, 2022

Cleanroom window is widely used in cleanroom projects, such as cleanroom pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, electronic manufacturing industry,...So what are the advantages of a cleanroom window? Let's find out through the following article.

Cleanroom window structure

  • Cleanroom window is made up of two layers of tempered glass, separated between the glass layers by aluminum bars, tole, 304 stainless steel.
  • The glass is vacuumed, agonized, and integrated with a number of other compounds
  • Smooth glass frame, fits snugly against the wall to minimize crevices

Classification cleanroom window

According to the shape, tempered glass can be divided into rounded window and rectangular window 

According to the frame material, the box glass has 2 types: window with aluminum alloy frame, and window with stainless steel frame

Ô kính hộp phòng sạch cạnh vuông
Image: Rectangular cleanroom window

Advantages of cleanroom window


To meet people's needs for light, vision, decoration, and environmental protection, ordinary window glass can reduce noise by about 30 decibels, while pump-box glass filled with inert gas can further reduce noise by about 5 decibels. Thus, the box glass can reduce noise from 80 decibels to 45 decibels, bringing a quiet space to the cleanroom.

Good insulation

K-value thermal conductivity system, the K-value of a piece of glass is 5.75kcal/mh°C, the K-value of insulating glass is generally 1.4-2.9 kcal/mh°C. For hollow glass containing argon gas and sulfur fluoride,  K-value can be reduced to a minimum of 1.19kcal/mh °C.  Argon gas is mainly used in cleanroom canisters to reduce K heat transfer value, while sulfur dioxide gas is mainly used to reduce noise dB value, the two gases can be used individually or mixed in a certain ratio.

Anti-dew condensation

In winter, when there is a big difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the single-layer glass door and window will have condensation, but with the double-layer cleanroom box glass, there is no condensation.

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