Air Shower Maintenance

  • 14, 05, 2021

I. Maintenance of air shower:

1. It is recommended to replace the filter once a month, and extend or shorten the replacement cycle as needed.

2. When the blowing speed is significantly reduced, the air filter needs to be replaced.

3. Be sure to wipe the air shower room to keep the room clean.

II. Air shower maintenance instructions:

1. After the air shower is energized, both sides of the door are electronically interlocked. When the door on one side is not completely closed, it is prohibited to forcibly open the door on the other side.

2. When the air shower is in the blowing state, it is strictly forbidden to open the door (until the blowing stops). If there is tension, you can press the emergency button to stop blowing, and open the door. After blowing, it is forbidden to open the front door forcibly.

3. The air shower room is operated by a special person. After the mouthpiece is positioned, non-operators should not move it easily.

III. Reasons why the air shower room does not blow:

1. Check whether the power switch and emergency stop switch are on. If there are no two reasons, please check whether the circuit and the leakage switch are closed.

2. Whether the FUSE fuse tube configured on the IC circuit board is blown, if the fuse is blown, you need to replace the 4A fuse.

3. Check whether the microswitch and photoelectric switch are in motion. If there is no action, please replace the microswitch and photoelectric switch.

4. If the AC contactor does not work, the wind will be affected and the AC contactor needs to be replaced.


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