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Fan Filter Unit (FFU) is clean air equipment, it can be installed to the ceiling or setted on the holder, which can reach Class 100. FFU has HEPA filter and pre-filter, the fan absorbs the air from the top through the prefilter and HEPA filter then the clean air at 0.45m / s ± 20% speed blow out by the whole air supply grill.  For a large clean room, the number of required FFU is from several hundreds to several thousands.

Concept of FFU development:

- To reduce running cost by saving energy;

- To reduce construction cost and term by thin, light and compact structure;

- To reduce initial cost by total design of clean room including noise spec. etc;

- Developing FFU units is based upon the above concept to meet all the requirements for constructing, operating and maintaining clean rooms.

Advantages Feature:

- Suitable for assembly into a clean production line for single use are arranged according to process needs, can also be connected more than class-100 assembly line. Especially assembly lines in clean room , can arranged to process suit for single or other multi-platform class-100 assembly line.

- FFU fan filter unit with external rotor centrifugal fan .It has many advantage such as long life, low noise, maintenance-free, vibration, non-adjust speed ect. Can reach obtain a higher standard of clean environment .

- FFU can provide high quality clean air for different standard of clean room or micro-environment. In new clean room, or renovation it can improve the air cleanliness, lower noise and reduce vibration, reduce the cost. Easy installation and maintenance, are good component for clean environment.

- Shell structure made by high quality aluminum coated zinc plate manufactured, light weight, corrosion, rust, nice.

- According to U.S. Federal Standard 209E, METOME dust particle counter detection by scanners,the quality can be warranted.

Exterior Construction Materials

There are the following exterior construction materials that suit your requirements:

​​(G) Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel construction provides a more economical alternative when external apperance is not the most important factor. Klair only uses the highest grade steel coated in order to prevent rust and corrosion. This material may be recommended when cost is of the highest priority and when the fan filter unit is used in applications such as the construction of cleanrooms.

(A) Aluminum

Aluminum construction is the most common material of choice and provides a cost-effective solution for all fan filter unit applications. Aluminum is light-weight, corrosion-resistant, will not generate particles, and is thus cleanroom-compatible.

(P) Powder-coated Steel

Construction in coated steel with an abrasion-resistant powder coated finish. This exterior finish provides a visually attractive, durable, smooth and totally cleanroom compatible finsih. Recommended when the fan filter unit is exposed to exterior view such as in the construction of modular clean air devices and laminar flow cabinets, and when custom colours are required. Cost is approximately the same as aluminum construction.

(S) Stainless Steel

Construction in stainless steel, this exterior finish provides a visually attractive, durable and smooth finish. Recommended when required for pharmaceutical applications, and is the highest in terms of the cost.

Purposes Uses:

- FFU fan filter unit is used for electronics, semiconductors, optics, bio-industry, air pollution and other demanding control applications. Suitable for from 10 to 100000 class air cleanliness workshop, assembled clean lines, clean lines, clean room, clean bench and so on.

- FFU laminar flow hood mainly used photoelectric optical industry, electronic industry, food and drink pure water, chemical industry,pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical, precision instrument manufacturing,Semiconductor processing industry. 


1. Wind speed: 0.35m/s, 0.45m/s;

2. Noise:49-63dBA;

3. Power: 220V, 50Hz;

4. Highly efficient filter (filtration efficiency is 99.99%);

5. Material: armor plate, stainless steel;

6. Adjustable speeds;

7. Excellent performance ;

8. Using a highly-efficient centrifugal air blower;

9. Durable, low noise, low vibration;


- Healthcare: Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Pharmacies (Production)

- Industry: Clean Rooms, Laboratories and Research Facilities

- Education: Research Rooms

- Workplace: Data Centres

Specifications for reference




Aluminium zinc plate, Large dust collection, High quality, High efficiency


Stainless steel, Aluminium zinc plate






Galvanized,Aluminum alloy,Stainless steel

Protect mesh

Aluminum mesh or spray iron mesh 

Is used to

Clean room Class < 100.000 (FS209E Standard)


H10 H11 H12 H13 H14 U15 U16 U17 




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