Cleanroom Door Interlock

What is cleanroom door interlock? 

Interlock is a special lock that is used for access control of 2 or more than 2 doors at the same time, in which the operating status of a door is different from the other doors to prevent cross-contamination between cleanrooms and non-cleanrooms.

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Why we need to use interlock in the cleanroom?

Cleanrooms are built for special demands of environment, air, temperature, and moisture. For example, operating room must be sterile; medicine manufacturing, manufacturing - repairing electronic circuits, and food processing rooms must be "clean".

Air moves from high pressure to low pressure. Meanwhile, clean areas usually have lower pressure than unclean areas. So what happens if the panel door separating the two areas connects? It is the air from the outside (the air is not clean, unfiltered, filled with pathogens, bacteria, ...) that will flow into the clean area, carrying all kinds of uncontrolled particles. What a disaster!

To prevent this, we need to use an interlock.

Cleanroom interlock classification

Double-door interlock

Three-door interlock

Four-door interlock