Clean Room Light 1200mm – 2 Bulbs

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Features:Clean Room Light

- Clean room light fitting mounted on the ceiling surface

- Lamp length: 1200mm x 2 bulbs

- Light source: Can choose traditional fluorescent light bulbs or LED bulbs, type: T8/T5

- The beveled four-corner design of the light trough helps to optimize dust resistance and easy cleaning


- Lamp frame: adopt high strength and high qualified steel plate, surface electrostatic spray antirust processing, , uniform and bright, use for a long time not easy peeling off.

- Lampshade:  made of transparent PVC material,

- Lamp electric: using national standard wires with 0.5mm2, fireproof PC, high performance electronic ballast, no stroboscopic when starting.

- Electrical equipment accessories: Use high efficiency electronic rectifier or LED operating power source, can use rectifier or LED operating power source, can install more emergency equipment.




Applied field:Clean Room Light

Suitable for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food processing, electronic information technology, etc., all dust-free purification sterile rooms need to use these lamps and lanterns.











Reference specifications:


Lamp power


 LxWxH (mm)



1305 x 235 x 70 


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