Clean Room Light Fixture

Cleanroom light fixture with bulbs (or the purification lamp) is a perfect combination of complex equipment that produces negative ions and high-efficiency light.

Cleanroom light fixture features

- Shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate or sandblasted aluminum alloy, etc.

The purifying lamp shell is welded, the joints are polished and smooth, and the gap defects are completely invisible after spraying

- The lampshade adopts impact-resistant, anti-aging acrylic, milky white light is soft, and transparent color brightness is particularly good.

- Built-in high-purity anodized aluminum reflector, reasonable light distribution, creating a high-brightness, comfortable lighting environment, optional mirror, and matte materials to meet the beauty and lighting needs of various occasions.

- Purification lamp electrical: using national standard wire, rotating PV lamp holder, high-performance ballast.

- Purification lamp installation and maintenance: embedded, suitable for a variety of keel installations; surface-mounted, directly installed on the surface of the ceiling.

Cleanroom light fixture classification

According to the number of bulbs, cleanroom light fixtures are categorized into 2 types: cleanroom light fixtures with 2 bulbs and cleanroom light fixtures with 3 bulbs.

Cleanroom light fixture application

Cleanroom light is suitable for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food processing, electronic industry, etc. All dust-free purification sterile rooms need to use these lamps.


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