5 factors you should pay attention to cleanroom design

  • 20, 02, 2022

This article will show you 5 factors to pay attention to cleanroom design. They are synthesized by experienced cleanroom contractors. Let's find out! 

Cleanrooms are becoming more and more necessary in many industries. They have obvious effects in improving product quality, especially for industries requiring air purification, such as: 

- Pharmaceutical cleanroom 

- Ultra-clean laboratory

- Precision instrument production room 

- Electronic product workshop 

- Food and beverage workshop 

- Chemical production room 

- Biosafety laboratory,...

Cleanroom design is different from design for living. There are tons of principles for air conditioning system, lighting, water supply and drainage system. Particularly, cleanroom design and construction requires compliance with cleanliness, temperature and humidity  level. 

These 5 factors below will help you in better cleanroom design and construction: 

Personnel purification

1. An airshower should be installed at the entrance of the clean room.

When no air shower is provided, an airlock room shall be provided.

3. A single air shower room should be set up according to the maximum class size of 30 people.

When there are more than 5 people in the airshower, a one-way bypass door should be installed on one side of the air shower.

4. The entry and exit of the air shower should not be opened at the same time, and chain control measures should be taken;

5. Laminar flow cleanroom with air cleanliness grade 5 (ISO class 5 cleanroom) or stricter than grade 5 should be equipped with an airlock room.


1. The equipment and material entrances and exits in the cleanroom should be set up independently.

The corresponding material purification facilities should be set up according to the characteristics, properties, and shapes of the equipment and materials.

2. A pass box should be set between cleanrooms for transferring materials. 

Static pressure difference

1. The static pressure difference between clean rooms of different classes should be greater than or equal to 5Pa.

2. The static pressure difference between the cleanroom and the non-cleanroom should be greater than 5Pa.

3. The static pressure difference between the cleanroom and the external environment should be greater than 10Pa.

(Use differential pressure gauge to check this parameter)

4. Principle of purification

Airflow → pre-filter purification → humidification section → heating section → surface cooling section → intermediate effect purification → fan air supply → pipeline → high-efficiency purification air outlet (HEPA box) → blowing into the room → take away particles such as dust and bacteria → return air outlet → initial effect purification

Repeat the above process, you can achieve the purpose of the cleanroom.

Cleanroom structural materials

1. The walls and roof of the cleanroom are generally made of 50mm thick sandwich panel, which are characterized by beautiful appearance and strong rigidity.  

2. Floor: 2mm/3mm epoxy resin or PVC floor can be used, and an anti-static floor is selected for the electronic cleanrooms.

3. The supply and return air ducts are made of hot-dip zinc plate, and pasted with flame-retardant PF foamed plastic plate with good purification and heat preservation effect.  

4. The stainless steel frame is used for the high-efficiency air supply outlet (HEPA box), which is beautiful and clean.

The perforated mesh plate is made of painted aluminum plate, which is not rusted and dust-free, and should be cleaned.

Purification parameters

1. The number of ventilations: Cleanroom class 100,000  ≥ 15 times; Cleanroom class 10,000  ≥ 20 times; Cleanroom class 1000 ≥ 30 times.

2. Air velocity: The average air velocity between the main workshop and the adjacent room is 0.3-0.5m/s 

3. Temperature >16℃ in winter; <26℃ in summer; fluctuation ±2℃.

4. The average humidity in cleanrooms is 45-65%; the humidity of the GMP powder workshop is about 50%; the humidity of the electronic workshop is slightly higher to avoid static electricity.

Noise ≤65dB (A)

Fresh air supplementary volume is 10%-30% of total air supply volume; illumination 300LX.

These are 5 factors you should notice when designing and constructing cleanroom. Besides, you should pay attention to cleanroom standards such as ISO 14644-1, GMP, etc. Hope you find it helpful! 


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