Cleanroom Design Categories

  • 17, 09, 2019

Cleanroom design is divided into 2 types: Industrial cleanroom and biological cleanroom. These belong to cleanroom system but have different purposes and cleanliness requirements. What is the difference between two types of cleanrooms? Let's find out.


    Difference between industrial cleanroom and biological cleanroom


Industrial Cleanroom

Biological Cleanroom

Research object

Particles hazards to process production once

 Living particles like germs, micro-organisms grows and reproduces, which will cause second pollution

Control methods

 The main method is filtration. Coarse, medium, high and ultra-high, and chemical filters are used.

 The main method is the eradication of germ growth conditions, control of the development of micro-organisms.

Control Objectives

 Control the concentration of harmful particle size

 Control the generation and spread of micro-organisms

Hazards to production

 A dust can cause great harm to the product

 Micro-organisms will become harmful only when they reach a certain concentration

 Requirements for cleanroom building material

 All materials do not produce dust, friction

 All materials should be resistant to water and corrosion, not provide conditions for microbia growth

Control over the entry of people and object

 Before workers enters, they have to go through air shower. Objects should be cleaned and wiped. 

 Before workers enters, they have to change clothes, shower and have to be sterilized. People and objects should be classified. Polluted and clean objects should be classified.


 Particles can be detected by particle counter, displayed and printed.

 Microbial detection cannot measure instantaneous value. The result can only be read after 48 hours of culture

Cleanroom system design requires strictly about cleanliness, humidity, temperature,...

In cleanroom design, the ventilation is also important. The cleanliness of the ventilation system is equivalent to that of an AHU. The core of air-conditioning works is mainly ventilation, not cleanliness, so when manufacturing ventilation, choosing materials or technology is not important, but the different requirements of air conditioning room and laboratory. The material of ventilator is stainless steel. 

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