Cleanroom design requirements for food factory

  • 23, 05, 2022

Cleanroom design requirements for food factory

Food safety is a rising concern in the world today. Therefore, the design of a cleanroom in a food factory needs to meet the national standards and requirements. This article will indicate some of the cleanroom design requirements for food factory, that you can refer to and apply to your cleanroom.

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The following requirements should be paid attention to when designing the cleanroom of the food industry:

1. In order to ensure the quality of the food, the design of the cleanroom of the food factory must be based on the food GMP standard. 

According to the clean production requirements of the food industry, rationally arrange the division and connection of each functional area in the workshop, and configure the air handling system, cleanroom equipment and other facilities.

2. In the overall planning and design of the cleanroom of the food factory, it is necessary to strictly consider the impact of the surrounding environment on the workshop and the impact of the workshop on the environment.

For example, verify the rationality of the production process, comprehensively consider whether the cleanliness level meets the requirements of the company's products, the flow of people, logistics, facility functions, regional functions, road design, and other factors on food quality, safety and hygiene.

3. Food production equipment and various facilities must be ordered from regular enterprises.

The quality of the equipment directly affects the quality of the product. It is an important link to ensure the stability of product quality.

The purification selection of the cleanroom of the food factory, the design and manufacture of special equipment, the design and installation of various pipelines, and the design and installation of electrical systems must follow the principles of food GMP.

Food cleanroom design requirements

4. Food GMP and HACCP is a very important principle in the implementation, one of which is the verifiability of each link in the production, so in the design of the cleanroom of the food factory, it is necessary to consider the quality monitoring, recording, alarm and process parameter collection on the production site analysis system, etc.

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