Cleanroom Maintenance: How-to guide

  • 22, 12, 2021

Cleanroom maintenance

Maintenance is of great importance to the cleanroom. Proper cleanroom cleaning and maintenance not only ensures efficient operation but also saves cost for your company. This article will guide you on how to clean and maintain cleanroom. 

1. Daily cleanroom maintenance

1. Clean and scrub the interior of cleanroom, including the glass surface and color steel surface, and flush the floor and drains
2. Clean indoor equipment, pipes, and scrub the surface of lamps and lanterns
3. Scrub the air shower
4. The cleanroom areas to be cleaned includes glass surface, color steel plate surface, floor cleaning, sterilization cabinet, disinfection hand washing basin, and conveyor belt inlet and outlet cleaning

2. Monthly cleanroom maintenance

1. Clean and sanitize the ceiling of the cleanroom; if cracks or corrosion or coating conditions on the ceiling and walls are found, it must be sealed and decontaminated
2. The cleaning and sanitation in the return air duct includes the cleaning of the glass surface, the color steel plate surface, and the ground
3. AHU (air handling unit) is cleaned and scrubbed once every year
4. Check the rotation and lubrication of rotating parts, bearings, and bearing seats of fans, air valves, etc., and regularly add grease to ensure flexible rotation.

3. Annual cleanroom maintenance 

1. When the equipment is out of service season, the heat exchanger should be filled (first turn off the outlet valve, then the inlet valve) to reduce pipe rust, but in winter, the net remaining water should be drained to avoid freezing and cracking of the copper pipe (especially on the ground).
2. After two years of operation, chemical solutions should be used to remove the scale in the copper pipe of the heat exchanger, and the dirt on the surface of the heat exchanger should be flushed with compressed air or water until it is clean.
3. Check the air-conditioning unit, water tank, air duct, etc. for corrosion and paint removal, remove and repaint in time; check whether the air control valve of each part is damaged, and repair it in time; check all electric control boxes, switchboards, and electrical connections Whether the level is loose and heating, whether the meter is operating normally, etc., and repair it in time; regularly inspect, calibrate the measurement and control the meter and equipment to ensure that its control is accurate and reliable.
4. The primary and mid-efficiency filter bags are used for a period of time. They need to be replaced or taken out for flapping and compressed air blowback then washed with soapy water and dried in the sun before they can be reused. (The number of repetitions is 3 times)
5. After running for a period of time, stop the machine and adjust the tightness of the belt. Damaged or missing belts should be replaced in time.
6. If the following conditions are found, the HEPA filter should be replaced:


  • The airflow velocity is reduced to a low limit, even after the primary and middle-efficiency filters are replaced, the airflow speed cannot be increased.
  • The resistance of the HEPA filter reaches 1.5-2 times the initial resistance, and the air volume of the high-efficiency air filter is 70% of the original air volume.
  • There is an irreparable leak in the high-efficiency air filter

7. Under normal circumstances, the high-efficiency air filter (HEPA filter) is usually replaced once every 6000 hours, and the replacement cycle of the pre-filter and mid-efficiency air filter can be different according to different products.

The high-efficiency air filter is generally replaced every 4000 - 6000 hours. The primary and medium-efficiency air filter should be cleaned every 1000 hours and replaced for 2000-3000 hours, and the non-woven fabric of the new air outlet filter membrane of the air conditioner is replaced every six months.
8. Ultraviolet sterilization lamps generally have a service life of 3000h, but they need to be replaced when the efficiency drops to 70%. 

UV light

Image: UV light

Cleanroom maintenance should be registered and recorded for future reference and management. 


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