Different operating states of cleanroom

  • 11, 02, 2022

Different operating states of cleanroom

This article will show you different operating states of cleanrooms. Let's find out! 

When cleanrooms are put into use, there are 3 states below: 

  • Static 
  • Dynamic
  • As-built 

So what are the differences among these operating conditions of cleanroom?  

1. Static cleanroom 

There are 2 types of static state of cleanroom

Static A: refers to the state in which the cleanroom has been installed and fully functional, the production equipment has been installed, and there is no personnel in cleanroom.

Static B: refers to the clean room after all production operations are completed. The production operators are evacuated from the site, and there is 20-minute clean-up time.

2. As-built cleanroom

As-built refers to the state of a newly built cleanroom. As-built cleanroom is fully functional and ready for operation. It is operationally qualified at the time it is handed over to the end-user. 

3. Dynamic cleanroom 

Cleanroom at dynamic condiction is the cleanroom in normal production activities. The equipment is operated normally, with the presence of personnel. 

Different operating states of cleanroom can be synthesized on the table below: 


State Air-conditioning system Equipment Personnel
Static A Installed and functioning Installed and working No
Static B Self-cleaning 20 minutes Installed and working No
Dynamic Installed and working Installed and working Yes
As-built Installed and fully-functional Installed No


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