Differential Pressure Gauge

What is a differential pressure gauge?

Differential Pressure Gauge is an indicator that can show the pressure difference between the cleanroom and outside room or the HEPA filter and prefilter for insuring the cleanroom and filter quality.

How to read a differential pressure gauge?

For example, if the pressure at HIGH-PRESSURE port is 500 pa and the pressure at LOW-PRESSURE port is 200 pa, the differential pressure is 300 pa (= 500 pa – 200 pa). This value will be displayed on the dial.

Differential pressure gauge applications

A differential pressure gauge is applied in various fields, such as pharmaceutical, HVAC, health service, microelectronics, food and beverage, aerospace, environmental engineering, biological engineering, etc.

Use the gauges to easily measure the pressure of:

- Filter monitoring

- Blower Vacuum Monitoring

- Fan Pressure Indication

- Duct, Room or Building Pressures

- Clean Room Positive Pressure Indication

Differential pressure gauges are applied in cleanroom industry. 

In cleanrooms, maintaining the right amount of differential pressure is critical for contamination prevention. That's a reason why differential pressure gauges are commonly used in cleanrooms.

Differential pressure gauges provided by VCR

We provide 2 brands of differential pressure gauge, which are MAGRFHELIC and MACROSCOPIC series 2000 with various pressure ranges (-60-60pa, 0-60pa0-250pa0-500pa, 0-750pa,...)

VCR also provides differential pressure gauge accessories. 

Why choose VCR differential pressure gauges?

- Accurate measurement

- Various pressure ranges

- Replacement for goods having faults from manufactures

- Fast delivery

- Reasonable price

- Professional service

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