Dispensing Booth: Definition, Specifications & More

  • 31, 03, 2021

1. What is dispensing booth?

Dispensing booth is a kind of purifying equipment for materials sampling, weighing, and analysis.

Dispensing booth prevents the operators from powder contamination, thereby providing a safe and clean working environment.

Dispensing booth is also called a sampling booth, a weighing booth, a downflow hood, or a powder containment booth. 

2. Dispensing booth components

Dispensing booth includes the following main components:

  • Pre-filter - 10 micron
  • Fine filter - 3 micron
  • HEPA filter - 0.3 micron
  • Differential pressure gauges for the pre-filter, fine filter and HEPA filter
  • Lamp
  • Fan
  • Fan, lamp switches
  • DOP ports for HEPA filter integrity
  • Power sockets

3. Dispensing booth working principle

The laminar airflow comes down from the booth ceiling, and takes dust particles back into the back filters through 3-stage filtration, then the air is recirculated. 

4. Dispensing booth features

  • Negative pressure design 
  • Unidirectional airflow provides a superior aseptic working area
  • Stainless steel SUS 304 construction makes dispensing booth clean, hygienic, and easy to clean
  • 3-stage filtration method (pre-filter, fine filter, and HEPA filter included) provides excellent efficiency
  • Ultra-quite noise level of not more than 65 dB

5. Dispensing booth applications

Dispensing booth is used in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and food industries, for operations such as grinding, dispensing and filling which generate airborne particles; when: 

  • processes involve hazardous, toxic materials
  • operators, adjoining areas require protection from exposure to aerosols of the process materials

6. Dispensing booth specifications 

External dimensions (WxDxH): 2030x1920x2670 cm

Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 1930x1320x2000 cm

Power: 2KW

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Noise: 65~75 dB(A)

Air velocity: 0.45m/s (90fpm) ±20%

*Customized design is welcomed


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