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What is dynamic pass box?

A dynamic pass box is a device for transferring items in a clean area to reduce the number of door openings. It is mainly used for the transfer of small materials in cleanrooms of different levels of cleanliness or the transfer of small items between cleanrooms and non-cleanrooms.

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3 key functions of the dynamic pass box

1. The dynamic pass box has self-cleaning function. When transferring items, the fan of the dynamic pass box sucks air inside through a HEPA filter to clean the interior of the dynamic pas box.

2. The dynamic pass box doors adopt electronic interlocking system. When a door is opened, the other door is automatically locked and prohibits humans from opening.

3. The dynamic pass box is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamps (UV light), which can disinfect items that cannot be disinfected with solvents.

Pass box features

  • Cold steel material or SUS304
  • The internal circular plate chamfering processing, no dead angle
  • Embedded ultraviolet germicidal lamp on top
  • Double-door interlock for dynamic pass box door
  • Interlocking system: mechanical interlocking or electronic interlocking
  • Double-layer tempered glass observation window
  • Soft contact control switch, microcomputer program
  • Power indicator light
  • The outlet of the wind speed up to more than 20s.
  • Adopts Hepa filter with separators, the filtration efficiency is 99.99%
  • Using EVA sealing material
  • Imported electronic components, reliable in performance.

Product and solution selection

  • Outer and inner dimension: The outer dimension should be decided according to cleanroom design, while the inner dimension is for the operation area.
  • The dynamic pass box is suited for the transfer that happened from a lower cleanliness environment to a higher cleanliness environment. If the transfer happens between the same cleanliness, static pass box is recommended.
  • The direction of the door opening should be considered according to the position of the pass box.
  • SUS 304 is recommended for the casing of pass box.
  • If the transfer cart is required in clean room, the floor-mounted pass box is recommended.

Consumable parts

  • Pre-filter: each one should be replaced every 6 months, but it can refresh no more than three times.
  • HEPA air filter: each one should be replaced in each half and one year.


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