Fingerprint Passbox With UV Light

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What is pass box? 

As an auxiliary device of a clean room, pass box is mainly used to deliver small objects between clean area and clean area, unclean area and clean area. In order to reduce door’s opening times of cleanroom, it is suggested to reduce the pollution of the clean area.

Purifying transfer window may transfer materials, equipment and tools under the protection of Class A environment. Materials, equipments or tools which have been purified may be delivered to the aseptic area, mainly from Class C area to Class B area. As to user’s demand, the purifying transfer window can be equipped with UV germicidal lamp or ozone generator sterilization system.


Pass box features

- Cold steel material or SUS304

- The internal circular plate chamfering processing, no dead angle

- Embedded ultraviolet germicidal lamp on top

- Two-door for large angle square window

- Double hollow toughened glass observation window

- Soft contact control switch, microcomputer program

- On both sides of the gate has a mechanical interlock or electrical interlock device, make sure not in an open position at the same time on both sides of the door.

- With the power indicator light

- The outlet of the wind speed up to more than 20 s.

- Adopts hepa filter with separators, the filtration efficiency is: 99.99%, to ensure that the level of purification.

- Using EVA sealing material, sealing performance is high.

- Imported electronic components, reliable in performance.

Product and Solution Selection

- Outer and Inner Dimension. The outer dimension should be decided according to clean room design, while the inner dimension is for the operation area.

- The dynamic pass box is suited for the transmission that happened from a lower cleanliness environment to a higher cleanliness environment. If the transmission happens between the same cleanliness, static pass box is recommended.

- The direction of door opening should be considered according to the position of pass box.

- SUS 304 is recommended for the casing of passbox.

- If the transfer cart is required in clean room, the floor-mounted passbox is recommended.

Consumable parts illustration

- Pre-filter: each one should be replaced in each 6 months, but it can refresh no more than three times.

- HEPA air filter: each one should be replaced in each half and one year.


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