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Main demands of the clean room technology and especially in pharma­ceutical applications are the air-conditioning and also accordingly the air quality. The cleanroom HEPA filter box is a filter module that allows easy replacement of HEPA filter inside the room, using gel seal or gasket to ensure the module is airtight. It is the ideal terminal filter device for air conditioning systems requiring purification to meet the clean room level.

HEPA filter box features low investment, reliable sealing, compact structure, versatility, easy istallation and simple maintenance.

Room-side replace ment

Replacement of filter can be done directly at the bottom of the ceiling grid, making installation and removal easy.

Unique box structure

Using a special anti-leakage design, combined with special sealing of all weld sites and 100% leak test, the module is leak-proof.

Agile installation

The module structure is compact and lightweight and can be directly suspended or mounted on the celing T-grid. Airflow pipe can be connected directly through top access or side access with either circular or rectangular inlet.

Leak proof retainer design

The filter frame is made from stamping an entire piece of steel plate to ensure that the filter gasket contact surface smoothly, effectively preventing air leakage.

Unique retainer design

The filter frame is supported by retainer found on all four sides of the frame. For easy replacement of HEPA filter, all the retainer can be freely installed into the retainer base welded onto the sides of the frame.

Aerol testing port for easy filter testing

In situ detection can be carried out using in the existing clean room by introducing and distributing aerosol or atmospheric dust. Pressure testing capabilites can easily determine the resistance of HEPA filter, determining the filter lifespan.

Air inlet connector types

- Circular or rectangular inlet;

- Top or side access air inlet opening


HEPA Filter Housing consists of three main parts, which are the box, filter and the diffuser. Box has a duct connection port for air inlet at the top or at the sides. The filters that are used can be within different classes from H10 to H14 according to the property required in the room.

The cabinet material of cleanroom HEPA box is cold rolled steel baking or stainless steel  and choose the anti-static process.


Hepa filter boxes are suitable for suspended ceiling installation. It can be hanged to ceiling with rods via the hanging holes on itself. It can be connected to main distribution duct with flexible duct. Flexible duct connection can be from top or side.


- Pharmaceutical

- Microelectronics

- Healthcare

- Food and beverage


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