How to choose the right clean room lights?

  • 04, 05, 2021

  A well-lit clean room makes work more effective. When building a cleanroom, choosing lighting options for your cleanroom helps control contamination. In this article, VCR will explain the different types of clean room lighting and where they'd work best in your cleanroom.

1. Clean room lighting types

 The first lighting factor to consider is the type of lighting to use: fluorescent, or LED. The chart below briefly explains how each of these types of lighting works and their advantages and disadvantages. 

Fluorescent LED

Fluorescent lights work by ionizing mercury vapor inside a glass tube, which causes the gas’s electrons to emit UV light, which is converted to visible light by the coating of the glass tube.

They’re available in the traditional long tubes. They are more efficient than incandescent bulbs without being much more expensive and are appropriate for many cleanroom applications.

LED lights, which stands for Light Emitting Diodes, are the most energy-efficient lighting option.

They create solid-state lighting by converting electricity directly into light, unlike incandescents and fluorescents. They tend to have a higher initial cost, but their efficiency offsets that cost. LED lighting is often ideal for cleanroom applications, as they do not produce any heat.

2. Clean room lighting fixture options

  • Fluorescent ceiling modules — these fluorescent ceiling modules are similar to what you imagine when you picture fluorescent lights: modules that house long fluorescent light tubes. Modules designed specifically for cleanrooms are dust, corrosion, and water-resistant and house up to T8 light tubes.

  • LED light panels — LED light panels provide bright, optimal lighting for cleanroom spaces, without crevices or seams that can house particulate matter or contaminants.

  • LED light strips — LED strips attach directly to the T-bar of the ceiling grid, keeping them out of the way of ceiling filters and allowing for unobstructed air flow.
  • Teardrop lights — teardrop lights are designed for cleanrooms that require whole-ceiling filter coverage, and they minimize obstruction of airflow by hanging down from the ceiling. These are best in cleanrooms with plenty of overhead space since they do hang down from the ceiling.

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