Important things to know when build a clean rooms

  • 18, 01, 2021

A clean room is non-toxic, but provided it is constructed and used in accordance with permitted standards. From temperature, room pressure, cleanliness, to cross contamination everything needs to be ensured. If these issues do not meet the standards, the risk of affecting the quality of the research is quite high, at the same time the health of the people working in it is also affected. So when constructing a clean room, you should pay attention to the following issues:

Room pressure
You need to prevent air, dust, or other contaminants from moving into a clean room. Air moves primarily from high pressure to low pressure. A room with a cleaner grade will have a higher pressure and vice versa. You need to use the differential pressure gauge to control the pressure of the room. When the room pressure exceeds, it will automatically overflow through the pressure relief valve. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the fan head, the difference between the amount of air supply and return in the clean room when creating pressure in the room during the clean room design.

We usually install difference pressure gauge in front of rooms to determine the difference between rooms.


The cleanliness of the room is one of the criteria to consider when building a clean room. It is determined by two factors: the number of air exchanges and the Air filter. The air conditioning system for an office building can typically be 2 to 10 times. But for a clean room system, the number of Air changes can be up to 20 times, even up to 100 times for an electronic clean room for chip production. If the number of Air exchanges is increased, the concentration of dust and pollutants generated from the clean room will be reduced.

In addition, the Air filter works to filter out dirt in the air before entering the room. Each type of clean room has different requirements for the right air filter. For highly demanding rooms, use the high efficiency HEPA Filter . The filter position is mounted right at the AHU or depending on the room.

Cross contamination
Cross-contamination is understood as adulteration of a starting material, intermediate product or finished product with a starting material. Or it could be another product in the production process. So when constructing a clean room, you need to pay attention to the problem of cross-contamination, to solve problems such as constructing the clean room panel system, hvac, lighting power system ... Standard construction for all activities in a clean room with highest efficiency.

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