Laminar Air Flow (LAF) Vs. Dispensing Booth: What are the differences?

  • 06, 01, 2022

Laminar Air Flow (LAF) Vs. Dispensing Booth What are the differences

Laminar air flow (LAF) and dispensing booth are both air purifying equipment, which provides clean environment to protect personnel and products.  They are equipped with filters and provide vertical unidirectional airflow. So what are the differences between laminar air flow (LAF) and dispensing booth? Let's find out! 

Laminar air flow (LAF) and dispensing booth definition 

What is laminar air flow (LAF)? 

Laminar air flow or laminar flow hood is an air-purifying unit. It can isolate the operator from the product to avoid product contamination. 

Laminar air flow working principle

  • When the laminar air flow works, the air is sucked in from the top air duct or the side air return inlet. 
  • The air then is filtered by high-effciency filter (HEPA filer) and sent to the working area. 
  • The air inside the laminar air flow is maintained at a positive pressure to prevent airborne particles from entering the working area. 

Image: Laminar air flow (LAF)

What is dispensing booth?

Dispensing booth ( sampling booth or weighing hood) is a kind of special air-purifying equipment, which is widely used in pharmaceutical cleanroom, microbiological research and laboratory, etc. It can prevent cross-contamination and ensure a high-clean environment in the working area. 

Weighing, sampling and dispensing substances in the booth help control the spillage of dust and substances and prevent the personnel from inhaling the harmful substances. 

The differences between laminar air flow (LAF) and dispensing booth 

The purpose of uses

Dispensing booth is used for the weighing and dispensing of medicines and other products in the production process.

Laminar air flow is used as an enclosed workstation to create clean environment for the key process section. 

Working principle 

All the air is drawn from the room and sent into the working area after purification.

The main difference between laminar air flow and dispensing booth is that dispensing booth provides a negative pressure environment to protect the external environment from being contaminated by the internal environment;  while laminar airflow provides positive pressure environment, which protects internal activities from being polluted. 

Dispensing booth has a return air filter section, part of which is discharged to the external environment. 

While laminar air flow has no return air section and is directly discharged into the cleanroom. 


Laminar air flow and dispensing booth are both composed of fan, filters, DOP test port.

However, the dispensing booth is equipped with smart control panel, which can automatically weigh, record and output data. 

Laminar air flow does not have these functions, only perform purification function. 


The dispensing booth has an integral and fixed structure. It is closed on three sides and there is one side for personnel to go in and go out. It is usually used alone.

Laminar air flow (LAF) is a more flexible unit. It can be combined with multiple units to form a system.

Image: Dispensing booth has fixed structure

Although both are air purification units, laminar air flow and dispensing booth possess differences in uses, working principle, structure, and flexibility. Hope you will find the post useful! 

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