LED lighting selection for workshops

  • 24, 10, 2021

We know that each space will have a different lighting requirement. However, in an industrial environment, in addition to the requirements for brightness, the reduction of accidents in the workplace should also be considered.

Workplace accidents can have serious consequences, which is why it's important to design the factory environment well, including lighting. With the use of LED lighting in industry, it can help us to solve this problem. And here's how choosing industrial LED lights helps reduce workplace accidents to keep your employees safe.

1. Increase alertness
LEDs have a wider color temperature range than other fixtures, which is very important for alertness at work. Studies have shown that humans are greatly affected by color temperature. A low color temperature range will create relaxation while a high color temperature will aid in creating alertness.

LED lights create alertness
Therefore we should choose LEDs with high color temperature to install them in areas where alertness is key to a safe working environment. Certainly, if the operator has enough sanity, it will greatly reduce the carelessness that causes accidents during work.

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2. Less maintenance
LEDs typically have an extremely long lifespan and are virtually maintenance-free, resulting in less lamp replacement and maintenance, reducing the need to climb stairs.

By reducing lamp maintenance and servicing, we reduce the number of accidents associated with lamp replacement and maintenance. LED lights are the perfect lighting solution that we can install simply and don't have to worry about it in the long run.

3. Minimum heat dissipation
The LED will operate with minimal heat loss during operation as it is extremely efficient in converting the consumed energy capacity into the actual light produced. Without the high heat emanating from the stationary equipment it is very helpful in maintaining a safe working environment. Light bulbs are less likely to explode and break because the temperature is not too great.

Choosing the right LED is very important
4. Mercury-free
Mercury is harmful to the environment and human health. LEDs are mercury-free, so when operators change lights, they won't have to face mercury exposure. We also won't have to worry about how to safely dispose of them because they don't contain mercury. This is one of the biggest benefits of LED lights.

5. Better visibility thanks to higher lumen output
LED offers some of the highest lumen output on the market for brighter spaces. Many workplace accidents are caused by a lack of proper lighting, but LEDs eliminate this risk altogether. LEDs also reduce shadows so there will be better quality visibility in space for a safer environment.

Lighting design for industry is a concern in the design of manufacturing plants. How to choose LED lights to ensure safety is also something designers need to pay attention to.

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