LENGE PP Pleated Filter Element

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PP pleated filter element is made by asymmetric gradual aperture polypropylene (PP) plated filter and PP components through advanced hot melt sealing technology under Class100 environment and without any adhesives or surfactants.

The material of filter element components:
Filter material: Asymmetric gradual aperture polypropylene (PP) plated filter

Supports/Diversion: PP

Core/Cover/End cover/End caps: PP

Sealed leads/Fins: PP, Built-in stainless steel

O-Ring: 222,226 silicon rubber etc.

Sealing technology: Hot melt without adhesives


Characteristics and features


  • All polypropylene structural materials, professional hot-melt sealing technology, no adhesive, no secondary pollution

  • Excellent high-temp resistance and extensive chemical compatibility

  • All the compositions reach up to the requirement of the biological testing characteristics of USP Class 6 plastic products at 121℃ and the food contact materials listed in the relevant regulations of Chapter 21 of the Federal Regulations of the United States (CFR). They also conform to the requirements of China's "Standard for Hygienic Safety Evaluation of Equipment and Protective Materials in Drinking Water" (2001) for drinking water transport and distribution equipment.

  • It is manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems and Class 100 environment.

  • The filter membrane has a gradient aperture structure for pre-filtration with large flow rate, low-pressure difference, and long service life.


Technical specifications and operating parameters


Diameter: 2.75" (69 mm)

Length: 5"/10"/20"/30"/ 40" etc.

Filtration area

Single 10" filter element is about 0.65m²

Maximum differential pressure

Positive: 0.4MPa    Negative:0.2MPa

Maximum pressure difference and temperature

Maximum operating temperature: 85°C/0.2 MPa;


Typical application


  • Prefilter as terminal sterilizing filter.

  • Sterilization filtration of LVP, fine needle, freeze-dried and spray-dried drug.

  • Sterilization filtration and Mycoplasma removal filtration of animal serum, liquid medium, buffer solution, supplement water, etc.

  • Sterilization filtration of vaccines and genetically engineered products.

  • Sterilization filtration of eye drops, diagnostic reagents, etc.

  • Sterilization filtration of various process water and pharmaceutical water.

  • Sterilization filtration of various solvents in pharmaceutical industry.

  • Pre-filtration of draft beer before sterilization.

  • Terminal filtration of bottled water, draft beer, wine, yellow wine, soft drinks, syrups, etc. in the food and beverage industry.

  • Filtration of various gases.


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