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What is an air shower pass box?

Air shower pass box is an auxiliary device of a clean room, mainly used to deliver objects between cleanrooms of different cleanliness levels, non-clean area and clean area. Using pass box air shower helps reduce the clean room door opening times, hence reducing the pollution of the clean area.

Air shower pass box features

- Powder-coated steel or stainless steel SUS304

- The internal circular plate chamfering processing, no dead angle

- Equipped with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp 

- Two-door interlocking system for a large-angle square window, make sure both doors are not opened at the same time.

- Tempered glass window 

- Control switch, microcomputer program

- Power indicator light

- The outlet of the wind speeds up to more than 20s.

- Centrifugal blower with high energy efficiency


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