What is pass box?

Pass box (pass-through box, transfer hatches) is a piece of important equipment for clean rooms. It's normally installed on the wall, between cleanrooms of different levels, cleanrooms and non-cleanrooms.

Pass box is used to transfer the particular materials between two areas, which reduces the number of door openings and reduce particle emission inside the cleanrooms. 

How many types of pass box? 

Pass boxes are available in 2 main types: static passbox and dynamic passbox. The main difference is the ventilation and contamination filtering. 

Dynamic pass box can be used between cleanrooms and non-cleanrooms thanks to a HEPA-filter that removes 99.99% of contamination.

The static version is ideal when ventilation is not required in the pass box, between two cleanrooms of different cleanliness levels. It's mainly used for non-sensitive, fast-moving products.

Pass box provided by Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment 

We provide 3 pass boxes which are static passbox with electronic interlocking system, static passbox with mechanical interlocking system and dynamic passbox

VCR also provides pass box accessories such as hinges, UV light, interlock, etc

Why choose VCR pass box?

- High-quality products

- Fast delivery

- Reasonable price

- Professional service

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