Pre-Filter, Medium Filter And HEPA Filters Materials

  • 29, 12, 2020

Table of content

1. Pre-filter material 

2. Medium filter material

3. HEPA filter material

Air filters in the cleanroom are normally divided into pre-filters, medium filters and HEPA filters. How to distinguish these filters? VCR will help you understand the difference between the material of the filters. 

1. Pre-filter material 

The outer frame is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or galvanized frame. The filters have two types: filter bag and filter plate

Pre-filter material includes glass fiber filter or chemical filter. Some manufacturers mixed cotton fiber, chemical fiber and other metal mesh to produce pre-filter. 

G4 Pre-filter

                                     Image: G4 Pre-filter

2. Medium filter material 

The outer frame is made of aluminum alloy, galvanized, plastic or paper 

Medium-efficiency filter material includes glass fiber, chemical fiber and PP 

Currently, a large number of medium-efficiency filters with bag structures of glass fiber and PP filter are widely-used. The materials and structures of medium filters are diverse. Many production plants and foreign factories mostly use glass fiber and chemical fiber as the materials of the medium filter. Due to their advantages of low price and low resistance, chemical fibers occupy an increasingly large market.

3. HEPA filter material 

The outer frame is aluminum alloy frame, multi-layer frame, aluminum frame, galvanized steel frame

HEPA filter material: glass fiber is mostly used, and chemical fiber is gradually being used. Currently, some foreign manufacturers use electrostatically charged polytetrafluoroethylene fiber (electret) to manufacture HEPA filters, commonly known as PTFE. 




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