Should we turn off HVAC system in cleanroom at night?

  • 08, 07, 2021

Maintaining cleanroom area is extremely expensive. That's the reason why many people wonder if they can turn off HVAC system in cleanroom at night or when cleanroom is not in use to save energy?

HVAC systems and cleanroom equipment consume a significant amount of energy. Particularly, chillers, fan filter units, air handling units, and heating systems consume a lot of electricity. 

In most pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, production process does not take place at night. Many think it is possible to turn off HVAC system when they are not in use. This idea can save energy and of course, money and some of the manufacturing units are following this practice. 

When turning off the cleanroom system, all parameters like differential pressure, temperature, humidity, particle count, etc are out of control. There is no guideline indicating whether we could turn off cleanroom system at night or not.

However, we can save energy in cleanroom by reducing the efficiency of HVAC system, such as lowering the air flow rate when cleanroom is not in use. Make sure everything is in order before using the cleanroom in the morning. And your cleanroom must be validated before its implementation. 

During cleanroom system reduction mode, there should be no interference in the clean room area, such as personnel entering the area.
At regular intervals, both full and reduced performance modes must be validated and re-qualified. In the event that the HVAC system fails, a recovery time should be determined for cleanroom areas.

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