Static Pass Box Definition And Its Advantages

  • 20, 01, 2021

Static pass box definition

Dynamic pass box is an auxiliary equipment in cleanrooms, which allows materials to be transferred into cleanroom without actual personnel movement. It can not only keep the items clean but also work as an airlock to prevent air contamination between cleanrooms.

Static pass box base surface is made of stainless steel, making the work zone easy to clean. The passbox uses the electric interlocking system preventing both doors from being opened at the same time. Double-glazed doors provide a clear view of the internal chamber. Durable edge rubber gasketed door seals maintain cleanroom integrity and are easy to clean.

What is static pass box advantages? 

1. The arc design of the internal working zone is easy to clean with no joints for contaminants to accumulate 

2. Double-layer negative pressure design prevents the air leakage 

3.  Varying door types of passbox, such as corner type, double-layer, etc

4. Door quality: stainless steel frame with tempered glass

5. Wiring form: Top wiring or side wiring 

6. Other accessories: UV light and ozone generators can be added 



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