The advantages of cleanroom doors in operating rooms

  • 14, 01, 2022

The advantages of cleanroom doors in operating rooms

1. Why cleanroom doors are necessary for operating rooms? 

The operating room is a place to perform surgeries for patients in a sterile environment. The operating room is a type of cleanroom, which requires a large space, no dust, no bacteria, is easy to clean, and full of light.

The operating rooms are not allowed to be disturbed by the external environment. Therefore, operating rooms require cleanroom doors that are airtight and specialized for such sterile areas. 

hospital cleanroom door

The surgical airtight door is to prevent direct convection between the operating room and the outside environment and form a certain negative pressure inside. It means that the pressure in the operating room is smaller than the pressure of the outside. Good sealing of the door minimizes the infection of the partition space to the external environment.

2. Advantages of cleanroom doors in operating rooms

Heat insulation

The hospital operating room door is a natural microbiological environment. Choosing environmentally friendly door materials can provide medical staff and patients with an environment that is both physically and mentally healthy.

Traditional hospital doors have high concentrations of formaldehyde, which is not good for patients' health. Therefore, we should use doors made from color-plated steel or stainless steel (inox 304), indoor formaldehyde concentration is zero, to help solve environmental pollution caused by formaldehyde after construction.


The door leaf of the operating room is equipped with airtight rubber strips and drop seal to ensure that when the door is closed, it can closely cooperate with the door frame to achieve a considerable airtight effect. 


The surface of cleanroom door is flat and seamless. Moreover, doors used in hospitals, especially in operating rooms, must be waterproof and dustproof.

The ordinary panels used on the doors of traditional hospitals cannot meet the above requirements. The operating room door provided by VCR is a choice of international standard environmental protection medical plastic panel, which can achieve the above functions for the hospital.

In addition, the cleanroom door should have anti-corrosion properties and be easy to clean.

VCR - Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment is a supplier of high-quality clean room steel doors for hospitals, pharmaceutical and electronic cleanrooms. As VCR is the direct distributor and transporter, the price of steel door for cleanroom at VCR is extremely competitive.

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