The Future Of Cleanroom Technology

  • 06, 07, 2021

A “clean room” is an enclosed space designed to control the concentration of airborne particles such as particulates (dust, hair), chemicals (oil, grease), micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi), and radiation. Temperature, humidity, pressure, electrostatic charge, and other factors in cleanrooms must be kept within acceptable limits.

The cleanroom technology market is expanding rapidly as a result of growing regulatory concerns about the packaging, manufacturing, and processing of higher-quality products, as well as the safety of workers.

The basis of cleanroom technology is the development of science and technology. Dust particles, static electricity in production environment, as well as microbial pollution, and noise interference affect the quality and performance of products. Cleanroom technology is created as a solution for these problems. 

With the development of modern micro-technology, the comprehensive utilization of these technologies creating a controlled environment that meets specific cleanliness requirements has become a necessary prerequisite for modern cleanroom engineering technology and industrial development.

For example, the development of modern nanotechnology, aerospace technology, high-end biotechnology, and information technology all depends on the support of cleanroom technology.

At the same time, with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards in recent years, cleanroom engineering-related technologies have gradually expanded from high-end industries like aerospace industry to life fields, such as food production, pharmaceutical industry.

As a solution to air pollution, cleanroom technology will enter people's work and life more widely in the next few years, and become a part of people's lives.

After the 2008 global financial crisis, seeking new technological breakthroughs to drive economic growth has become the main theme of the world economy, and 3D printing is undoubtedly one of the more prominent technologies. 3D printing requires a variety of printing materials, and can even print human organs. The preparation of these high-end printing materials is inseparable from a clean environment.

In the next few years, the new material technology represented by nanotechnology will also be able to achieve considerable development, catalyzing the demand for purification engineering technology in this field. Another very important area is that with the maturity of battery technology, the rapid development of electric vehicles will undoubtedly drive the demand for purification projects in the battery industry.


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