Top 3 cleanroom lighting requirements

  • 11, 08, 2021


In terms of cleanroom LED lights, we choose the most suitable one for cleanroom. Lighting requirements are different in various kinds of cleanrooms, so you should choose the most suitable type of light. However, there are some common requirements that any LED lights used in cleanrooms must meet. In this article, VCR will indicate top 3 cleanroom lighting requirements. Let's find out!

1. Cleanroom LED should not flicker

Household lighting fixtures use alternating current and the power supply frequency is about 50Hz. The light will flicker 100 times per second and it can be classified as a low-frequency strobe light source. Low-frequency flashing lights can keep the eye's regulatory organs in an active state for a long time. If this goes on for a long time, it will easily lead to visual fatigue, affecting the health of the eyes of people working in clean rooms.

Because LED light produces light using LED lamp beads. LED light will not be dangerous by stroboscopic effect, and even if it is used under AC power, it will not cause eye strain.

2. Cleanroom lighting must not emit ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and blue light

For the human eye, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays not only causes inflammation of the cornea but also damages the eye's tissues such as the lens, retina, and choroid.

Although the human eye cannot see infrared light, the water in the eye can easily absorb infrared light. Over time, the lens of the eye will degenerate and damage, which in turn leads to cataracts.

Therefore, LED lights used in cleanroom lighting systems need to ensure that they do not emit ultraviolet and infrared rays. To ensure this, the manufacturing capacity and technical level of the lamp supplier are very important.

3. Color Temperature, Illuminance, and CRI

Color temperature

The color temperature of cleanroom LED lights should be selected according to different performance characteristics according to the use case. The LED lights in the clean room all use LED beads as the light source, so the color temperature range is very wide, we often have color temperature names such as positive white light, cold white light, warm light. When buying cleanroom lights, we must choose the color temperature range suitable for the purpose of use.

Nhiệt độ màu đèn phòng sạch

For example, if you are in a place with a lot of people, it is best to choose a color temperature close to natural light. Due to living under natural light for a long time, the human eye is easy to adapt to natural light, giving good visual effect. Under light with a color temperature of 4000 ~ 6500K, it is most comfortable for the human eye to see and rarely harms the eyes.


Illumination is an important factor that cannot be missed when designing cleanroom lighting. Usually, illuminance is measured in Lux units. When choosing cleanroom LED lights for hospital operating rooms and laboratories, we need to design them so that the room has a high illuminance.

Color rendering index

Clean rooms often require high fidelity, so the color rendering index should normally be above 80 (CRI>80).


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