Top 4 things you should know about magnesium oxide panel

  • 16, 08, 2021

1. What is a magnesium oxide panel?

Magnesium oxide panel (also called glass magnesium sandwich panel) is made of magnesium oxide, magnesia, and water.

It is a magnesium admixture with stable characteristics. To improve the raw material, the medium alkali glass fiber mesh cloth is a new flame-retardant building decoration material made of lightweight raw materials as the filler compound. 

It is produced and processed by a unique production process, with fire safety, moisture-proof, odorless, non-toxic, non-icing, non-corrosive, non-cracking, unchanging, non-flammable, high-strength, and light-weight, convenient construction, and long service life. The core board is divided into two types: polyurethane material and polyethylene plastic foam.

2. Magnesium oxide panel features

  • Magnesium oxide panel is remarkably fire-resistant 

Fire rating: A

Fire duration: 80 minutes
Fire resistance temperature: 1000*C

  • Magnesium oxide panel has good thermal insulation 
  • Magnesium oxide panel is sound-proofing

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3. Magnesium oxide panel specification

  • Effective width: 1150mm
  • Thickness: 50mm-150mm
  • Length: according to customer requirements
  • Core material: Glass magnesium hollow core, glass-magnesium rock wool, glass-magnesium foam, glass-magnesium-aluminum honeycomb, glass-magnesium paper honeycomb
  • Installation structure: tongue-and-groove splicing
  • Standard corrugated iron thickness: 0.376 mm, 0.426 mm, 0.476 mm, 0.526 mm

  • Standard corrugated iron material:

    + PET color coated steel sheet

    + Galvanized steel plate

    + Stainless steel plate


4. Magnesium oxide panel applications 


Ứng dụng Panel

Magnesium oxide panel is applied in many different fields. This type of panel can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels, fireproof panels, waterproof panels, packing boxes, and so on. It can replace wooden plywood for skirting walls, doors, windows, door panels, furniture, etc. The surface can also be coated with mixed paint and water-based paint on request and processed into many different board surfaces.

Magnesium oxide panels can also be used in wet environments such as basements and mines and used in combination with various insulation materials to create composite insulation panels.

Magnesium oxide panel is the most basic intermediate material, which must be surface decorated before being put into official use. Therefore, the use of panels is the same as that of wooden boards, which can be made into different decorative works through processing techniques such as sawing, planing, nailing. The structure is finished with latex paint, wallpaper. , ceramic wall tiles to complete the decoration. It can be widely used for furniture substrates, fireproof doors, bathroom partitions, stone composites, decorative panels, carved decorations, bearing panels, packaging, insulation panels industrial equipment thermostat, artificial stone bottom plate, electric heating plate, building template, air conditioning duct substrate, etc. It is an inorganic fireproof and waterproof sheet with the versatility of Magnesium Oxide Panel

In addition, the Magnesium Oxide Panel is one of the optional panels for suspended ceilings. It is suitable for living rooms, office buildings, guesthouses, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, subways, libraries, etc.

5. Where to order magnesium oxide panel in Viet Nam


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