Top 5 reasons why cleanroom led light fixtures fail

  • 05, 08, 2021

A cleanroom LED light fixture is designed to have a longer life span than most fixtures. However, even cleanroom LED light fixtures can be problematic due to several reasons. In this article, VCR will indicate top 5 reasons why cleanroom led light fixtures fail. Let's find out!

1. Cleanroom LED light fixture quality 

LED lights are sensitive to static. If the anti-static ability of the LED lights is not good, static electricity will damage the LED lamp beads. Consequently, after the LED panel light is turned on, the LED lamp beads are damaged. 

2. Voltage of clean room led light fixtures

Unstable voltage can damage the led light fixture and greatly reduce its life span. The supply voltage of the cleanroom LED panel light is too high, which will easily cause the LED beads to burn. There are many causes of a sudden increase in power supply voltage. For example, it could be the electrical supply overload, or it may be due to improper use by the user, etc.

3. Low heat dissipation capacity 

Heat dissipation is one of the important effects impacting cleanroom led light degradation. Poor heat dissipation capacity leads to cleanroom LED panel lights damage. When emitting light, LED lamp beads will give off heat. If the temperature inside it is too high, it can damage the LED chip, so a heat sink must be designed for the lamp. Therefore, an ideal solution to this problem is sufficient cooling of the chip by a good thermal contact with the environment or an appropriate heat sink. 

đèn led phòng sạch

4. Water-resistant problems

If water reaches the cleanroom led light's internal components, it will cause a short circuit, resulting in lamp failure.

5. Delivery 

Cleanroom LED panel lights may be affected by external factors during transportation or may be due to the installation staff's error, causing the light guide plate of the refracting lamp to deviate. 

In summary, there are many reasons for cleanroom led light fixtures failures. Cleanroom LED light fixture failure is sometimes unavoidable, but it is guaranteed if we choose good quality ones. 


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