Top 5+ things to pay attention to when installing HEPA box

  • 03, 06, 2021

There are many things to consider, HEPA box is not in place to install directly in the cleanroom before installation, so each installation details we should be careful. In this article, VCR will explain what you need to pay attention to before installing a HEPA box

1. Size and efficiency of the HEPA box

The first important point before installation is that the size and efficiency requirements of the HEPA box must meet the design requirements of the clean room and the customer's application standards.

2. Joint between the flanging of the HEPA box and the ceiling

The joint between the tuyere flanging of the HEPA box and the ceiling board should be sealed in the clean room. Remember that cracks must be treated strictly. Avoid damage to the high-efficiency air supply outlet or damage to the coating.

The installation of the HEPA box and the air duct must be strictly connected, and the open end shall be reinforced with plastic film and tape for airtight treatment. 

We must carefully observe the above precautions if there is a slight error, which directly affects the entire clean room cleanliness standard.

3. Cleaning before installation

HEPA boxes need to be cleaned and the cleanroom must be cleaned in all directions.

For example, the dust in the purification air-conditioning system should be cleaned and removed. The cleaning requirements must be met. There are also interlayers or ceilings. It needs to be cleaned, and the air conditioning system must be re-purified and run continuously for more than 12 hours, and then clean again.

4. HEPA box transportation 

The safe transportation of the HEPA box must be placed in strict accordance with the direction indicated by the manufacturer's signs. During transportation, it must be handled with care and avoid violent vibration and collision.

5. Visual check before installation

Before installation of the HEPA box, visual inspection of the air supply outlet packaging is required on site, including:

  • whether the filter, sealant, and frame are damaged;
  • whether the side length, diagonal and thickness dimensions meet the requirements;
  • whether the frame has burrs and rust spots (Metal frame);
  • whether there is a product certificate and whether the technical performance meets the design requirements.

6. Leak detection 

Carry out high-efficiency air outlet leak detection, check whether there is a leak or not.

During installation, adjustments should be made according to the resistance of each air outlet.

For unidirectional flow, between the filters on the same HEPA box or air supply surface, the difference between the rated resistance of each unit and the average resistance of each unit should be less than 5%.

After the installation of the high-efficiency filter or its end device at the end of the air supply in a cleanroom of ISO Class 5 or above or with special requirements, it should be scanned for leaks on site one by one and should be qualified.


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