What is clean room airlock?

  • 29, 11, 2021

What is clean room airlock

To keep cleanroom airtight, we use airlock. In this article, we will discuss what is clean room airlock and its role in GMP factories. Let's find out! 

1. What is clean room airlock? 

Airlock definition

According to WHO GMP, an airlock is an enclosed space limited by two or more doors placed between two or more rooms (e.g. between cleanrooms of different cleanliness) to control the airflow between cleanrooms. Airlocks can be designed for personnel or for materials. The airlock is also used as a “buffer room” for a cleanroom, where materials are sterilized before entering the cleanroom. 

2. Why do we need an airlock in cleanroom? 

The main purpose of airlock system utilization in cleanroom is cross-contamination prevention. The airlock should be designed to prevent microbial and particulate contamination in different clean areas. 

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3. The role of the airlock in the GMP pharmaceutical factories

Airlock systems play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry to protect cleanrooms from contaminants, thereby preventing cross-contamination. Airlock means a locking system created using air pressure. Briefly, airlock is used to protect the clean area from harmful contaminants during the movement of people and materials. 

An airlock is designed by creating a pressure difference between two areas and the pressure difference created by the HVAC. According to WHO GMP, a differential pressure of 10-15 pascals is the standard pressure in this environment. To produce a higher differential pressure, the cost of the system also increases.

In order for the airlock to work properly, we also need a special device - interlock. Read more about the cleanroom door interlock system here. 


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