When and how often to replace HEPA filter?

  • 25, 12, 2020

HEPA filters have a certain life span, whether they are used in fan filter unit or at any other place. Calculating the health of filters isn't as difficult as you might think. However, you need to know what the key indicators are. Here are some tips for figuring out when it's time for HEPA filter replacement.

1. The HEPA filter resistance

It has exceeded the initial resistance rate of 100Pa, or equal to 2 times higher than operating initial resistance (3 times higher for low resistance and sub-high efficiency) in more than 1 year. The HEPA filter should be replaced if it exceeds the standard.

2. The pre-filter resistance

The pre-filter has exceeded the initial resistance of 60 Pa, or equal to 2 times higher than the initial resistance for 3-6 months. Replace the pre-filter, fine-line filter, and air return device every week if it exceeds the standard. 

3. Pre-filter and fine line filter replacement

Replace the pre-filter and fine-line filters every 6 months. 

Replace the HEPA filter every year.

The resistance of the fine line filter has exceeded the initial resistance rate of 80Pa, or equal to 2 times higher than the initial resistance for 6-12 months. Replace the filters if it exceeds the standard.

4. The ULPA filter resistance

The ULPA filter has exceeded the initial resistance rate of 160Pa, or equal to 2 times higher than the initial resistance for more than 3 years. The filter should be replaced if it exceeds the standard.

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